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Academia for Equality is a members' organization working to promote democratization, equality and access to higher education for all communities living in Israel/Palestine. We believe that furthering our vision and mission in the academic field will promote justice and equality in our society as a whole. We struggle against the complicity of Israeli academia with oppression and denial of education in the occupied Palestinian territories. We criticize the neoliberalization of academic life and the degradation of academia as a public institution; we combat abusive labor relations, sexual harassment and the silencing of critical voices in Israel and around the world. Our collective activities connect members across institutions in Israel and around the world, including all ranks of the academic hierarchy. We seek to lay the foundation for solidarity and greater effectiveness in a series of struggles aimed at changing the face of Israeli academia and society.


Teams and Projects - Academia for Equality is a grassroots movement that is organized through small teams or projects lead by members, which are supported by our elected executive board. Each team is responsible for organizing its own members, and for communicating its actions and plans to the board and to the broader membership.

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