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According to our bylaws, membership in the organization is open to anyone who sees academic activity in teaching, study or research as their main occupation, is currently employed or has been employed in the past in the academia; anyone who considers herself an Israeli or a Palestinian, or is under the power of the State of Israel, regardless of where she currently lives; and agrees in good faith to the principles and vision of the organization. Member in good standing pay membership fees, and are involved in various ways, by participating in the annual general meeting and in discussions on our mailing list, through membership in the executive committee, in one of our working groups or in the audit committee.

All our members are activists and have commitments to various organizations and initiatives. We all have important goals to promote and everyone prioritizes some of these. The way we deal with this diversity, is not by prioritizing initiatives by degree of urgency but by allowing action through small, coordinated working groups. We stress the importance of diversifying the types of actions undertaken by teams, whether formed ad hoc to address a specific issue or working continuously over time to develop campaigns and strategic moves. Our members come from a range of institutions in Israel and abroad. We have active networks at Ben Gurion, Tel Aviv and Hebrew Universities and we encourage our members in colleges and other campuses to establish their own campus-based networks. The organization is anchored in our ability to promote together whatever we feel passionate about, with a common goal of achieving equality and promoting democratization. The organization is committed to fostering internal democracy: members have the opportunity to discuss issues related to the nature of the organization and its methods of work, to choose its office-holders and influence its path through various means: through participation in discussions developing on the email list, the annual general meeting, activists’ seminars, campus network meetings, and thematic meetings.

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