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Webinar: critical scholars in Israeli academia

Following calls to cut the ties with Israeli institutions, the rectors of all Dutch universities have stated that they will never cut ties with an entire country, in the name of academic freedom and out of a commitment towards “critical Israeli scholars”. But who are critical Israeli scholars? What risks do they currently face? And what solidarity do they need? Join us on Monday, June 24, 20:00 Netherlands time for a webinar with critical Palestinian and Jewish scholars, organized by Academia for Equality, an organization working for democracy, equality and access to higher education for all communities in Israel/Palestine.


Erella Grassiani, University of Amsterdam

Lamma Mansour, University of Oxford

Yara Shahine-Gharable, Tel Aviv University

Outi Bat-El, Tel Aviv University

Note: the meeting will be recorded and available for viewing afterwards. You may also submit questions in advance through the registration link.


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