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Against the political persecution of students and lecturers who oppose the war

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

In our view, the educational institutions have a broad responsibility, both for the safety of those on campus and for maintaining an open and truth-seeking society in the face of the outside reality. Therefore, even at this time, when the severe incidents of violence and the horrific images of the last few days shock us all and we are faced with extreme, insensitive and sometimes even cruel reactions and statements, educational solutions that require conversation and patience are the right way out except in particularly extreme cases. Recently, harsh and immediate measures were taken against students and faculty members, and we see this as a reaction that weakens and divides our society even more. In our letter to the Council for Higher Education in Israel, signed by over 450 faculty members and students, we asked them to come out against the campaign of political persecution of lecturers and students.

David Graeber, anthropologist and activist, speaks at the Maagdenhuis occupation at the University of Amsterdam in March 2015.(Wikimedia Commons / Guido van Nispen)

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