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A4E statement against the destruction of academia in the Gaza strip

Academia for Equality calls on academic institutions and academics in Israel and around the world to condemn and act conclusively against the destruction of academic institutions in the Gaza Strip. Such attacks are part of a broader assault on civilians and civil institutions that might, according to the ICJ ruling, amount to genocide.

Institutions of higher education were under attack by the Israeli army since the first day of the war in Gaza. At least seven universities were badly shelled: The Islamic University of Gaza, Al-Azhar University, Al-Quds University, University College of Applied Sciences, University of Palestine, Al-Isra University, University of Gaza, Al-Aqsa University, Palestine Technical College, Palestine College of Nursing, Arab College of Applied Sciences. Three of these universities were completely destroyed. 166 lecturers were killed, among them three university presidents and 95 deans and full professors. 4237 students were killed and 7818 injured.

The systematic destruction of academic and cultural institutions in Gaza forms part of the destructive attack on civilian infrastructures, a form of violence that may result in the total collapse of civil life in Gaza. According to  International law and the recent decision at the International Court of Justice in the Hague, Israel is under legal obligation to prevent further killing and destruction that may  amount to  genocide. The targeting of faculty members, students and researchers, and the demolition of educational institutions is a devastating blow to the social, economic, cultural and professional life in Gaza.

it is our duty as academics, researchers, lecturers and colleagues to act immediately, to stop the impending danger and not await further violence and destruction. We must raise our voice now against the killing and obliteration, and demand accountability of the Israeli government in an effort to save what is still possible of Gaza’s civilian lives and civil institutions.

The detonation of Al-Israa’ University on January 17. Screenshots from X/Ramy Abdu:


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