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A4E appeals to colleges and universities in Israel to protect Arab students

At the end of October, we appealed to the chairmen of the Board of Heads of Colleges and the Board of Heads of Universities with a call for an unequivocal statement for the protection of Arab students in the public institutions of higher education, following an incident in which hundreds of protesters, some of them armed, gathered under the student dormitories in Netanya chanting "Death to the Arabs", demanding that the Arab students be removed from the dormitories – a demand that was fulfilled that evening. The answer of the board of heads of the public academic colleges, which confirmed their commitment to all students and their horror at the situation in Netanya, arrived a few days later, and it is presented here (in Hebrew). The reply of the committee of heads of universities has not yet been received. To date, Arab students were not allowed back into the dorms, except to take their belongings (accompanied by a security guard).


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